Basically, solar panels are panels that are designed to absorb sun rays as a source of energy that way generating electricity for either home or workplace use. The history of solar energy dates back to the 18th century, and since then, its use has increased sporadically. This increase in usage of solar energy can be attested to the fact that solar energy users save roughly 75 million barrels of oil as well as 35 million tones of carbon dioxide, among other associated benefits.

How Solar Panels Work

Generally, solar panels work in such a way that they absorb sunlight rays with photovoltaic cells, thus generating direct current electricity (DC), after which it converts the DC energy into usable energy that is alternating current (AC) through the use of an inverter. The AC energy then can be sued for home or even workplace purposes. In a case where you have so much electricity, you can use an electric grid for the surplus.

Benefits of Solar Panels

For starters, solar energy is renewable and free. In other words, the sun is naturally occurring, and for that, we can never run out of sunlight; thus, solar panels are guaranteed to be powered by the sun to generate electricity. Again, solar energy saves a lot when it comes to electric bills since sunlight is naturally occurring, and all you need to spend is the initial purchase price. Solar panels are incredibly safe given the fact that they are made of silicone sheets, and for a fact, there are no associated dangers that come with them or even emitting any fumes. Additionally, solar energy is part of green technology in the sense that it is environmentally friendly and does not lead to depletion of any natural resource, it creates no noise pollution while in the process of generating electricity. The maintenance cost is pretty much manageable since all you need to do is to keep them clean and change the inverter which is normally replaceable in 5 years’ time, you also need to change the cable to improve efficiency. Solar panels don’t require much space compared to other sources of energy, and they need to be moved from time to time, and that way, they don’t wear and tear easily.

Planet Connection Solar Panels in Moorpark

Planet Connection is a well-established solar panel company, one that is not only a leading solar company in Moorpark but also globally. Planet Connection is well known for its incredible solar panel products, services as well nature of being customer-oriented. Their experience with solar panels is excellent as their focus is generally based on providing individuals with affordable energy alternatives; that way, reducing on their electricity bills that is by increasing their reliance on clean as well abundant renewable energy. It’s also important to note that Planet Connection is a global brand that has established itself by providing its customers with world-class services as well products and, most importantly, by creating value to their customers for each shilling spends on their products and services.


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